Workers’ Compensation Information

The Workers Compensation Bureau assists the Superintendent administering and enforcing New Mexico laws and rules regarding workers compensation coverage written through insurance companies. Specifically, the Bureau focuses on responding to questions and complaints from employers relating to workers compensation payroll audits, experience modifiers, job classifications and premium determinations. The Bureau also approves employee safety bonus programs and supervises the assigned risk pool.

Our Workers Compensation Unit has a performance measure requiring a 60% outcome of reducing employer accident frequency through counseling, advice & training. The Unit has exceeded this performance measure by reporting that 64.8% of the employers in the NM Workers Compensation Assigned Risk Pool who had accidents in 2002 or 2003, experienced a reduction in accident frequency during 2003. (October 21, 2005)

Forest Worker Safety Certification:

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If you have any questions related to workers compensation coverage, please contact:


Leroy Aragon, Bureau Chief
NM PRC Insurance Division – Workers Compensation Bureau
Tel. 505-827-4652 / Fax 505-827-4734