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Renewable Energy Act

Article 16 :: Section 7

62-16-7. Commission; additional powers and duties.  

The commission:
A.   shall adopt rules regarding the renewable portfolio standard, including a provision for public utility records and reports;

B.   may require that a public utility offer its retail customers a voluntary program for purchasing renewable energy that is in addition to energy provided by the public utility pursuant to the renewable portfolio standard, under rates and terms that are approved by the commission; and

C.   may exempt from compliance with the renewable portfolio standard a public utility that has an all-requirements electric supply contract on July 1, 2004, and the contract would not reasonably permit it to procure renewable energy for purposes of meeting the renewable portfolio standard.  When the electricity supply contract is amended or renegotiated, the commission may require that a renewable portfolio standard become applicable.

History: Laws 2004, ch. 65, § 7.

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