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Information for Motor Carriers


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Motor Carrier Type




  • Motor Carrier Annual Report 2019

  • Regulated Motor Carriers List ( Contains all currently suspended and certified companies)

  • Industry Fuel Data Library

  • Weekly Fuel Surcharge

  • Financial Responsibility Requirements for an Operating Authority


  • Application for Voluntary Suspension or Reinstatement of a Certificate or Permit

  • Application for a Temporary Authority

  • Application for a Certificate or Permit

  • Ambulance Application for Certificate

  • Ambulance Application for Permit

  • Ambulance Amendment of Certificate Application

  • Warrant Application

  • Transportation Network Company Application (TNC)

  • Change in Legal Entity, Name or Control of Holder of Certificate/Permit

  • Change of Name for Warrants, Permits and Certificates

  • Reissuance of Ambulance Certificate

  • Tariff Change Application


  • Annual Vehicle Inspection Report


  • Cancellation of an Operating Authority

  • Private Property Impound (PPI) Tow Authorization Form

  • Request for Multiple Storage Facilities

  • Lease of Equipment Notice

  • Tariffs:

  • Final -Statewide Wrecker Tariff - Effective February 1, 2017¬†(Supercedes New Mexico Wrecker Tariff No. 3-D)

  • Statewide Ambulance Tariff - Effective February 1, 2017

  • Ambulance Companies

  • Certificated Non Emergency Medical

  • Taxi Companies

  • Shuttle Companies

  • Household Goods Moving Companies

  • Tour Sightseeing Companies

  • Passenger Limo and VIP Limo Companies

    To file a complaint against one of the NMPRC's regulated motor carriers, please fille out our online Complaint Form.

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