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Telecommunications Bureau

Mike Ripperger, Bureau Chief

The Telecommunications Bureau performs analysis and provides expert testimony on issues related to telecommunications, including rulemakings and cases before the Commission. The bureau reviews applications for interconnection and certificates of public convenience and necessity for telecommunications carriers. The bureau is responsible for overseeing the Alternative Form of Regulation (AFOR) orders applicable to Qwest and Valor, including monitoring of quality of service reporting and infrastructure investment. The bureau also maintains the telecommunications carrier database which is used for collection of inspection and supervision fees.

Telecom Bureau Staff:

John Reynolds, Utility Economist
Ruby Rohrs, Compliance Officer
Mark Cessarich, Utility Economist
Georgette Ramie, Utility Economist
Ken Smith, Utility Economist
Eugene Evans, Telecom Engineer
Regina Padilla, Secretary

Customer Deposit Interest Rate for 2011 is 2.02%.


Section 271 Proceedings

Approval of Qwest's application with the FCC


AFOR III   2009

09-00094-UT_Final Order (12/31/09)

09-00094-UT_Recommended Decision (10/22/09)

09-00094-UT_Initial Order (04/24/09)



Alternative Form of Regulation for Qwest

AFOR I,   2001-2006

• QWEST AFOR Final Order


   Attachment A to Exhibit B
   Attachment B to Exhibit B
   Attachment C to Exhibit B

Public Regulation Commission Orders Qwest to Invest

AFOR II,   2007-2010

Final Order on Pricing and Quality of Service

AFOR Reports

• Qwest's Current Reports
• Effective Tariff Library:   Contains the effective tariff books for Qwest's state and federal jurisdictions

Qwest's Tariff & Promotional Filing Notices

(Documents will be filed as they become available)

Settlement Agreement of AFOR I Compliance Issues

• Qwest Presentation 2/6/07 on Implementation
• Second Amendement Settlement
• Order for Contingent Approval of Amended Settlement Agreement
• Qwest Settlement Order Final Version
• Amended Settlement Agreement
• Direct Testimony on Amended Settlement Agreement of Susan E. Oberlander
• Testimony of R Steven Davis on behalf of Qwest Corporation
• Direct Testimony of Chandan Choudhary
• Testimony of Timothy J. Gates on behalf of the Office of the NM Attorney General
• Certificate Of Service, Testimony of Arturo L. Jaramillo on behalf of the General Services Department of NM
• Testimony of Arturo L. Jaramillo on behalf of the General Services Department of NM
• NMIPA's Opposition to Amended Settlement.

Settlement Agreement Quarterly Reports

(Reports will be posted as they are submitted.)
SASA Qwest Corp’s Final Report, Feb. 1, 07-July 31, 10

Report (Feb-Apr 10)
Report (May-Jul 09)
Report (Aug - Oct 09)
Report (Nov09 - Jan10 )


Provider Map

ILEC New Mexico Boundary Map (pdf)


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