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Public Information Office

Public Information Officer

PERA Building Rm 406
1120 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 827-4446


Purpose of the Public Information Office:

To promote awareness of Public Regulation Commission through a proactive process of providing information to the media/public about the NM PRC, and to maintain a reasonable working relationship with the media in New Mexico, and nationwide. The PIO will strive to highlight the Public Regulation Commission's dedication to fulfilling its statutory duties of conducting business that balances the needs of the public and regulated industries.

The Public Information Office Seeks to Accomplish These Primary Goals:

Identifying Newsworthy Endeavors - To include Commissioner Activities and Newsworthy People/Projects within NMPRC Divisions.

Prioritizing Important PIO Activities to Support and Achieve NMPRC Goals - To include:

Maintain/update short list of key projects (rule making, workshops, public hearings, other PRC events) on monthly basis, to be reviewed with Chief of Staff, and division/bureau directors
•Maintain information about regular meeting agendas and items on short list for media questions
•Produce and disseminate news releases to media (media relations) based on items on short list
•Produce/disseminate information to employees about items on short list, and employee activities
•Produce/disseminate PSAs/information to local governments, when appropriate
•Schedule radio time for Commissioners to discuss workshops, public hearings, and implementation of new rules
•Support Divisions/Bureaus' communications efforts

All Media inquiries for all PRC Divisions must be made through the PIO, with requests forwarded to appropriate staff for answers, with emphasis on timely response to inquiries.

All media and/or public inquiries concerning litigation and/or personnel issues are forwarded to the Chief of Staff directly, with notification to all Commissioners of inquiry.

The PIO will provide information to the media and the public under the rules of the NM Inspection of Public Records Act and the PRC Media Policy.