Compliance/Investigation Section

NM Insurance Code 59A-4-3 NMSA 1978 

The Investigations Section is the civil enforcement arm of the New Mexico PRC Insurance Division. Criminal investigations are handled by the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

Investigators must conduct investigations in a fair and impartial manner.  Results of their investigations may only impose disciplinary measures against a person found to have violated the New Mexico Insurance Code or  its Regulations. Under the law (59A-4-2 NMSA 1978) investigations are confidential until completed. Investigators cannot promise results or advocate for the outcome you desire. 

Investigators conduct inquiries of persons who are conducting the business of insurance in New Mexico to determine compliance with the Insurance Code and its Regulations.

As part of their work, investigators review complaints, gather documentation, interview witnesses, prepare reports, and testify at administrative enforcement hearings.  They receive allegations of Code violations from the Consumer Relations Division (CRD), insurance companies and agents, individuals, and other agencies.

For consumer assistance with insurance companies or agents, please contact CRD. 


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