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Insurance Code

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CHAPTER 59A  Insurance Code (pdf linked version)

1. Insurance Code, 59A-1-1 through 59A-1-18.
2. Department of Insurance, 59A-2-1 through 59A-2-15.
3. State Insurance Board, 59A-3-1 through 59A-3-9.
4. Examinations, Hearings and Appeals, 59A-4-1 through 59A-4-21.
5. Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements, 59A-5-1 through 59A-5-33.
5A. Risk-Based Capital, 59A-5A-1 through 59A-5A-13.
6. Fees and Taxes, 59A-6-1 through 59A-6-7.
7. Kinds of Insurance; Limits of Risk; Reinsurance, 59A-7-1 through 59A-7-11.
8. Assets and Liabilities, 59A-8-1 through 59A-8-16.
9. Investments, 59A-9-1 through 59A-9-27.
10. Administration of Deposits; Trusteed Assets of Alien Insurer, 59A-10-1 through 59A-10-19.
11. Licensing Procedures, Agents, Solicitors, Brokers, Adjusters and Others, 59A-11-1 through 59A-11-21.
11A. Insurance Consultants, 59A-11A-1 through 59A-11A-8.
12. Insurance Agents, Brokers and Solicitors, 59A-12-1 through 59A-12-26.1.
12A. Insurance Administrators, 59A-12A-1 through 59A-12A-17.
12B. Managing General Agents, 59A-12B-1 through 59A-12B-8.
12C. Broker Controlled Insurers, 59A-12C-1 through 59A-12C-7.
12D. Reinsurance Intermediaries, 59A-12D-1 through 59A-12D-12.
13. Adjusters, 59A-13-1 through 59A-13-11.
14. Surplus Line Insurance, 59A-14-1 through 59A-14-18.
15. Unauthorized Insurers, 59A-15-1 through 59A-15-21.
16. Trade Practices and Frauds, 59A-16-1 through 59A-16-30.
16A. Insurance Fraud Reporting Immunity, 59A-16A-1 through 59A-16A-4.
16B. Domestic Abuse Insurance Protection, 59A-16B-1 through 59A-16B-10.
16C. Insurance Fraud Act, 59A-16C-1 through 59A-16C-16.
17. Insurance Rates and Rating, 59A-17-1 through 59A-17-36.
17A. Personal Insurance Credit Information Act, 59A-17A-1 through 59A-17A-11.
18. The Insurance Contract, 59A-18-1 through 59A-18-31.
19. Policy Language Simplification, 59A-19-1 through 59A-19-7.
20. Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts, 59A-20-1 through 59A-20-36.
20A. Viatical Settlements, 59A-20A-1 through 59A-20A-11.
21. Group Life Insurance, 59A-21-1 through 59A-21-28.
22. Health Insurance Contracts, 59A-22-1 through 59A-22-48.
22A. Preferred Provider Arrangements, 59A-22A-1 through 59A-22A-7.
23. Group and Blanket Health Insurance Contracts, 59A-23-1 through 59A-23-10.
23A. Long-Term Care Insurance, 59A-23A-1 through 59A-23A-11.
23B. Minimum Healthcare Protection, 59A-23B-1 through 59A-23B-12.
23C. Small Group Rate and Renewability, 59A-23C-1 through 59A-23C-9.
23D. Medical Care Savings Accounts, 59A-23D-1 through 59A-23D-7.
23E. Health Insurance Portability, 59A-23E-1 through 59A-23E-20.
24. Health Insurance for Seniors, 59A-24-1 through 59A-24-8.
24A. Medicare Supplements, 59A-24A-1 through 59A-24A-16.
25. Credit Life and Credit Health Insurance, 59A-25-1 through 59A-25-14.
26. Casualty Insurance Contracts, 59A-26-1.
27. Marine and Transportation Insurance Contracts, 59A-27-1.
28. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Contracts, 59A-28-1.
29. Property Insurance Contracts; Fair Plan Act, 59A-29-1 through 59A-29-12.
30. Title Insurance, 59A-30-1 through 59A-30-15.
30A. Title Insurance Guaranty, 59A-30A-1 through 59A-30A-18.
31. Surety Insurance Contracts, 59A-31-1.
32. Motor Vehicle Insurance, 59A-32-1 through 59A-32-23.
32A. Rental Car Insurance Limited Producer License, 59A-32A-1 through 59A-32A-9.
33. Workers' Compensation Insurance Contracts and Assigned Risks, 59A-33-1 through 59A-33-15.
34. Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers, 59A-34-1 through 59A-34-46.
35. Sale of Insurance Securities, 59A-35-1 through 59A-35-18.
36. Insider Trading in Equity Security of Domestic Insurer, 59A-36-1 through 59A-36-8.
37. Insurance Holding Companies, 59A-37-1 through 59A-37-28.
38. Lloyds Plan Automobile Insurance, 59A-38-1 through 59A-38-14.
39. Reciprocal Insurers, 59A-39-1 through 59A-39-26.
40. Mexican Casualty Insurers, 59A-40-1 through 59A-40-9.
41. Conservation, Rehabilitation and Liquidation, 59A-41-1 through 59A-41-57.
42. Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Fund, 59A-42-1 through 59A-42-16.
42A. Provider Service Networks, 59A-42A-1 through 59A-42A-9.
43. Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Fund, 59A-43-1 through 59A-43-18.
44. Fraternal Benefit Societies, 59A-44-1 through 59A-44-46.
45. Premium Financing, 59A-45-1 through 59A-45-16.
46. Health Maintenance Organizations, 59A-46-1 through 59A-46-49.
47. Nonprofit Health Care Plans, 59A-47-1 through 59A-47-44.
48. Prepaid Dental Plans, 59A-48-1 through 59A-48-19.
49. Prearranged Funeral Plans, 59A-49-1 through 59A-49-8.
50. Motor Clubs, 59A-50-1 through 59A-50-21.
51. Bail Bondsmen Licensing, 59A-51-1 through 59A-51-19.
52. State Fire Marshal, 59A-52-1 through 59A-52-25.
53. Fire Protection Fund, 59A-53-1 through 59A-53-19.
54. Medical Insurance Pool, 59A-54-1 through 59A-54-21.
55. Risk Retention and Purchasing Groups, 59A-55-1 through 59A-55-26.
56. Health Insurance Alliances, 59A-56-1 through 59A-56-25.
57. Patient Protection, 59A-57-1 through 59A-57-11.
58. Service Contract Regulation, 59A-58-1 through 59A-58-18.
59. Prescription Drug Uniform Information Card, 59A-59-1 through 59A-59-4.