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The PRC regulates (has jurisdiction over) consumer issues relating to:

  • Transportation – billing issues for towing companies, ambulances, limousines, and taxis.

  • Transportation – intrastate motor carrier registration.

  • Pipeline safety – enforcement of state and federal regulations regarding oil and natural gas pipeline safety.

  • Utilities – natural gas, propane, investor-owned water and sewer, and electric companies and electric cooperatives.

  • Telecom – Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (“ILECs”) This includes Qwest, Windstream, other local phone companies – rates, service quality, repair and delay  issues,  and billing issues for business and residential customers.

  • Telecom – Intrastate long distance carriers, but not for their rates (deregulated).

  • Telecom – Slamming and cramming for telecommunications providers.

  • Telecom - Wireless telephone service - While the NMPRC does not have jurisidiction or authority over rates or quality of service for wireless companies, we will communicate this type of complaint to a wirless company on a New Mexico consumer's behalf to aim for a resolution. Please be advised that we cannot legally require the wireless company to resolve these issues. We can only communicate them.

  • Telecom – Calling cards if they are issued by a Local Exchange Carrier or Reseller for intrastate use, but not rates (deregulated).

  • Telecom – Competitive Local Exchange Companies (“CLEC’s”).  This includes AT&T, Verizon Business, and several other companies that provide local service – rates and service quality for all customers and services. The Commission generally does not interfere with rate settings for CLECs.

  • Telecom – Long Distance Resellers-These are companies that purchase intrastate long distance minutes and resell them to consumers.

  • Moving companies - intrastate (within the state) moves

  • State Fire Marshall – Administration of the Fire Training Academy, Fire Service Support, Arson Investigations, and Code Enforcement.

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