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Douglas J. Howe
Commissioner - District 3

1120 Paseo De Peralta
P.O. Box 1269
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
(505) 827-4533

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Dr. Howe has worked for 30 years in the global gas and power industries.  Dr. Howe first started in the utility industry in 1982,  Since that time, he has had the opportunity to work around the world with various companies and regulatory agencies:

  • As a senior consultant for IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Dr. Howe has advised governments and companies in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia.  He led project to design the regulatory agency for the Emirate of Dubai, and has worked with the Singapore regulatory agency to develop methods to prevent market abuse in deregulated power markets.  His work in the US has involved expert witness among other engagements.

  • As a Vice President of Regulatory Policy for General Public Utilities, holding company for utility companies Jersey Central Power & Light, Metropolitan Edison, Pennsylvania Electric as well as a number of foreign utility companies.

  • As Vice President for Customer Operations at Jersey Central Power & Light, Metropolitan Edison and Pennsylvania Electric Companies.

Prior to his work in the utility industry, Dr. Howe was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Haverford College, in suburban Philadelphia.
Dr. Howe believes strongly in the PRC’s  mission to provide fair and equitable treatment to all stakeholders in the utility industries.  Dr. Howe also views his mission as helping to restore public confidence and trust in the Commission.

“Over the years, the Public Regulation Commission has, from time to time, suffered from poor leadership and ongoing distractions from its core mission of regulating the state’s utility, transportation and insurance companies.  To regain the public confidence, the Commission and the Commissioners must re-focus their efforts on serving the public through excellence in the job, not on attention grabbing headlines.”

Dr. Howe received his Ph.D and M.S. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a Franklin Scholar.

Commissioner Howe’s Staff

Lisa Ortiz
Phone: (505) 827-4533
E-Mail: Lisa.Ortiz2@state.nm.us

Doug Howe is the Commissioner of the 3rd District of the Public Regulation Commission.

District 3 is shown as the golden area on the map below.

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