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Duties & Accomplishments


The Chief of Staff provides essential support for the five Public Regulation Commissioners in the following ways:

  • By collaborating on a regular basis with Division Directors to ensure that the Public Regulation Commission's policies are being implemented.

  • By attending every Public Regulation Commission work session and open meeting to report the progress that Divisions are making.

  • By providing leadership in preparing and monitoring the Public Regulation Commission budget.

  • By preparing key reports such as the Annual Report to the Legislative Finance Committee.

  • By serving as the coordination point for public relations and information.

  • By ensuring, during the legislative sessions, that the Public Regulation Commission responds to all legislative analysis requests made by state lawmakers.


Recent Accomplishments


Division Directors meet on a monthly basis to introduce policy initiatives, consider high-level operational issues, and monitor the progress of ongoing projects. These meetings have improved the Commission’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to fiscal and operational challenges, and generate innovative ideas to support strategic planning.


The Chief of Staff’s Office, in collaboration with the Division Directors, has worked to implement procedures that ensure performance-based budgeting goals and performance measure targets are met. As part of these efforts, the Chief of Staff’s Office has supported Division Directors in filling staff vacancies in essential operation areas.

Through competent prioritization and effective communications, the Chief of Staff’s Office is committed to helping the Public Regulation Commission ensure the quality, affordability, and continuity of services to New Mexico consumers and industry.



The Coming Year


The Chief of Staff’s Office will continue to assist the Public Regulation Commissioners and Division Directors in reviewing existing programs. These efforts will provide the insights and understanding necessary to pursue and obtain new or increased project funding, supporting program expansion and increasing the quality of services provided to the citizens and businesses of New Mexico.

The Chief of Staff’s Office will collaborate with Division Directors to create an environment of system-oriented, continuous quality improvement that supports informed and efficient program evaluation. It is the responsibility of the Chief of Staff to ensure the implementation of any legislation that effects the PRC.



PRC Annual Reports



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